Data Services

On leap day this year AOL hosted the inaugural Northern Virginia MySQL meetup, revamping a meetup group that had grown dormant over the past year and a half. The primary talk at the meetup was the history of MySQL use at AOL. This is strikingly represented in the following graph:

Today we run over 7,000 MySQL instances, supporting a wide variety of AOL products and services. Our recent work is starting to reduce the total number of MySQL instances by consolidating, right-sizing, and adopting alternative data services. However, MySQL will continue to be a large portion of our data services. By the end of this year we will move 25% of our MySQL instances to an internal cloud service. This will improve our standardization and improve automation of our MySQL deployments. We plan to do the same for a NoSQL service.

On the evening of April 25th, we’ll host the second NoVA MySQL meetup. I’d encourage you to attend and share your MySQL experiences with a growing group of database professionals and developers. This isn’t an AOL centric event, but we do plan to share our efforts and expertise along the way and we’d love for this to be a two way street.

See you on the 25th.


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