AOL Winners of Second Annual Uptime Institute Server Roundup

Yesterday Uptime Institute announced that AOL won the 2nd annual Server Roundup:

AOL won back-to-back years for overall tally of servers removed. The global Web services company decommissioned 8,253 servers in calendar year 2012. This resulted in (gross) total savings of almost $3 million from reduced utility costs, maintenance and recovery of asset resale/scrap. Environmental benefits were seen in the reduction of more than 16,000 tons of carbon emissions, according to AOL.

This is a great way to recognize two consecutive years of great work by my team on driving down power hungry, legacy servers. I continue to talk about and prioritize our challenges with reducing Technical Debt and the results acknowledged with this award demonstrate the impact we are having.  (See Technical Debt, Part 1 & Technical Debt Part 2)

This year we are targeting roughly 8,000 servers that are older than our standard 4 year refresh window, most of which are also well above our desired watts/server goal.

Congratulations and thank you to our application engineers, data center personnel, and the numerous folks involved in the often tedious tasks of discovery, research, and data migration. We are both saving money and building an energy conscious culture within our technology operations.


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