451 covers Dulles Data Center property

451 Research picked up coverage of AOL’s Dulles (Ashburn) data center facility we have placed on the market. It’s a good article that talks highly of the prime location and our well maintained facility. An excerpt is below, full article can be found at this link https://451research.com/report-short?entityId=80880&type=mis&alertid=234&sftoken=0036000001ejRrGAAU

The 451 Take

Datacenter providers have claimed most of the choice plots in Ashburn. What’s available now is generally not as desirable, with zoning or grading issues that could significantly extend the time to build. A land grab has been under way, with Sabey Datacenters, for example, purchasing a nice plot without definitive plans to build yet. For a multi-tenant datacenter provider that either has run out of capacity in Ashburn or has not yet developed a footprint in Northern Virginia, this facility may be arriving on the market at an opportune time.

The design density is roughly 65 watts per square foot, which is not enough for today’s standards, but is upgradable. Additionally, it is important to note that significant multi-tenant datacenter additions are expected to hit the Northern Virginia market in Q4, making it the largest multi-tenant datacenter market in North America, and among the most price competitive.


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